Welcome to More of Thee

Hello! and welcome to More of Thee Co.  I’m Sydney, the face behind this blog! I am really just a girl with a huge passion for Jesus and writing. My head is always full of things I need to write about, and usually I find myself writing about God and his goodness to us. I’ve decided that I don’t want to keep it all to myself. I want to share God’s truth and love with this world! I desire more of Jesus and I hope that this blog can help you desire more of Him too.

Why do I write? I wish I could tell that you my life has been easy, but it hasn’t. I like to say to myself that this isn’t my story I’m living, but His story. If it was my story so much would be different. Writing has always been a way for me to process things and grow closer God. I write because I feel like I just have too! I write because I have so much inside of me that just needs to come out!

On another note, I’m also a girl with numerous of hobbies ranging from painting to whitewater rafting. Painting/calligraphy is probably my number one hobby right now. I am very new to the world of digital art and I am hoping to have the chance to share my art with you all on this site! Also, another little fact about me is that I am a preschool teacher. I have always had a huge passion for loving on all the little ones in God’s kingdom. So whenever I’m not teaching, or doing art, or pursuing one of my other hobbies, you’ll find me here, writing.

Won’t you join me in this new journey of mine as I explore this big world of writing and using this gift that God has given me to bring glory to Him. I pray with all my heart this blog will encourage you to desire more of Him. More of thee is my plea, and may it be yours too!

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