How to have The Peace of Christ

“You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on the Lord.” Isaiah 26:3
The peace of God is always something that will baffle my mind.
How is that in the midst of the hardest trials, when hope seems so far away, we as Christians, are able to say that we have peace? I look at my life and see all the hard trials and canceled plans.  Yet I’m somehow able to say I have peace.
Here’s what I think.  It’s a miracle, that’s what it is. God’s peace is a miracle that we as Christians get to experience and share with the world.

Peace that Passes Understanding

Have you heard it said before that God’s peace is a peace that passes understanding. God’s peace is a mystery that only those who are in Christ can understand.  I want to share with you all the secret to finding this supernatural peace that God gives.
The peace of God is dependent on where we are putting our hope. If we are putting our hope in our circumstances when the hard days come it’s impossible for us to have peace.  In an instant, God could take everything away from us. But when we put our hope in Christ, we are putting our hope in something that we can never lose.  No one can take Christ away from us and that is what fills our hearts up with this peace in the midst of the hardest of trials.

Peace In all Circumstance

When we only look at our circumstances we don’t see much hope and often times that will cause us to be stressed and overwhelmed.  But when we look to Christ, we see the hope of eternity one day with Him where there will be no more pain.
Oh, how happy it makes me that we have a God who cares for us through each and every trial we face. God sees us with our aching hearts. He sees our hurt and our pain. He has a purpose in the pain and in the waiting, and he promises to give those who are his children His peace as they walk through each hardship.

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which your were called…” Colossians 15:3

Actively Pursue God’s Peace

I want to warn you though, that even though God’s peace is such a wonderful thing, It’s something we need to ask for and pursue. I have a feeling that one of the Devil’s favorite tactics is to tell us that we have no hope, that we’ll be stuck in our pain forever, that we’ll never be happy. If we let ourselves think this way we can’t have God’s peace.  We need to actively set our minds on God and pursue the peace that He gives us.
If we find ourselves struggling with finding peace in our circumstances, maybe it’s because we are looking down too much at our struggles and our pain. As soon as we fix our eyes above to Christ and let His love and peace rule in our hearts, we will find the rest and strength to face whatever it is that God has asked us to face.

This Peace is for You!

God’s peace is for you! It can be yours today if you are one of his children.  All you have to do is ask for it and then look up to Christ.
If you know God and have experienced His peace then I want to encourage you to keep soaking up this peace that only comes from Christ. Keep taking all your worries and pain to the God who cares for you. Whatever you’re waiting for or walking through, take heart, because God loves you and wants you to have his peace.

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