Sharing Your Testimony

Today I want to talk about something that has been on my mind…like a lot.
Testimonies.  What is a Christian testimony?  What makes a good testimony? Why should we share our testimonies with others?
I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard so many people say that they don’t have a testimony worth sharing because they were raised in a Christian home and have always made good choices. Since they don’t had a dramatic conversion story they conclude that their story isn’t worth sharing.  But my question is this: Why does not having a dramatic “from death to life” story unqualify your story from being told? To be honest with you all, for the longest time this has been my view on testimonies, but God has been slowly teaching me that this mindset is wrong.
Everyone has a testimony that is worth telling because every testimony is a beautiful story of God’s amazing grace in a sinner’s life!
I used to have the wrong mindset about testimonies.  I saw my testimony as simple and not special. I can’t even recall the exact date I was saved, which is something every good testimony requires, right? I’ve always been the good girl who loved God and began to follow God at a really young age.  There also haven’t been any major sin issues I’ve had to overcome in my life like some stories I’ve heard.  As you see, my story is a bit, well …boring.   But God’s been slowly working in my heart.  Over time God began to change my view on testimonies.  I met more people with similar stories of being raised in Christian homes and I watched how they shared their stories with the same vigor as someone who was saved out of horrible sins. Then one day, I was asked to share my own story at my church’s college group and also at a Christian camp I work at.  Suddenly I couldn’t just brush off my testimony as boring.  I really had to come to terms with the truth that I do have a story worth telling.
God showed me that there is no such thing as a boring testimony.  If you were saved young, or old, God did a work in your heart.  If you have a history of following God faithfully or a history of struggling with sin, God still has done a work in your heart.  A testimony is not about us, it’s about God and the great work He does in bringing sinners into the light.
If God did work in your heart and it doesn’t matter how it happened, it’s a beautiful story!
If you ever find yourself believing the lie that your testimony is boring, I want to challenge you to think again.  Your story is a beautiful story of a sinner coming to know God in a way that is unique to you.  Whether your testimony is simple like mine, or a dramatic experience that gets everyone’s attention, your story deserves to be told.
God has also began showing me that there are actually some pretty cool benefits for us when we tell our testimony. Below I have come up with three reasons why it is important for us to share our story with the world, no matter what our background is.

Three reasons why we should share our testimony
  1. Sharing our testimony makes us more aware of God’s grace and goodness in our life.  When I took to time to sit down and write out my story I was amazed at all the ways I saw God’s hand in my life.  I saw God’s grace in not only saving me at a young age but also in how He filled my heart with a passion for Him and his word at such a young age.  Sharing our testimonies helps us to see God’s grace in ways that we often overlook.  God shows each of us amazing grace in not treating us as our sins deserve.  When we share our testimonies that is an amazing truth to share and praise God for.
  2. Sharing our testimony brings glory to God. Whether you have a story like mine, simple and not very exciting, or a dramatic story, each story brings glory to God.  The Bible says that the angels rejoice in heaven over each new person that believes in God.  God saving you at a young age in a Christian home brings just as much glory to God as someone who finds God later in life.  When you share your testimony you have the opportunity to share God’s glory with the world.  Each time you share how God saved you from sin you are bringing glory to God’s name.
  3. Sharing our testimony is a opportunity to share the gospel.  When we share our story of how God saved us, a sinner, and brought us into His light, we are sharing the gospel.  When we are witnessing to those who don’t know Jesus, it can be daunting to think about how to share the gospel with them.  But by simply sharing our testimony with them we are pointing them to the greatest truth of the Bible: that Jesus has the power to save sinners and change lives.  Whatever our story is, God’s work is written all over it and each time we share it with the world we are pointing others to the good news of the gospel.  Being willing to share our testimony is one of the best tools we have for sharing the good news of the gospel with this world.
So as I end I must ask you, is there something holding you back from sharing your testimony?  If you are finding yourself believing you have a story that is better left unsaid, I want to challenge you to think otherwise.  Take some time to think about how God’s grace has played a part in your life. Consider taking time to write out your story.  When I was first asked to share my story, I took some time and wrote out on paper my story.  Simply writing down how God has worked in my life from start to finish helped me to see it in a new light.
I also understand that sharing your testimony can be a daunting task, especially if you feel like you don’t have an exciting story. Just remember, you have to start somewhere, and you will getter better in time.  After sharing my story a few times I realized that even though it was hard at first, it does get easier over time.

If you want to learn more about sharing your testimony I’ll be sharing some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned about sharing your testimony in my next post.
Until then
~Sydney 🙂

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