Unlocking Doors

Hello lovely people! I have been realizing something that I think is kinda cool and I want to share it with you all today!
I’ve been noticing that in these last few months my walk with God has really changed… like, a lot.  God has asked me to walk through some difficult seasons and I have experienced a new closeness with God as result.  And this new closeness feels more real than all the other times in the past.
Well, I’ve been thinking about all the times that God has been bringing to a place of surrender. Let me tell you all, I’ve had my share of having to surrender my plans to the Lord.  Big plans, little plans, life-changing plans, and everything in between.  It doesn’t help that I’m also a planner and thought I had my entire life figured out since I was just a young girl.
But something beautiful would happen after each act of surrender.  Each time I surrendered something to God my relationship with God would take on a new level. It was as if taking the step of surrender was a key opening a door that led me into a deeper closeness with God. But I soon learned that just one time isn’t enough. Surrender is something I had to keep doing. Once I opened one door, I would soon find another one behind that.

Each door was taking me closer to Jesus and his love for me.

I don’t know if you’re like me and like having visuals that help you understand things in life and faith.  But this idea of a key unlocking doors has really helped me understand the process of surrender. As we live this life and choose to follow Jesus down the paths He has for us there will be many doors we must face. These doors are a vital step in our walk. They appear when we reach a point where we have to surrender something that we have been focusing too much on and choose to follow God. It’s not going to be easy to make these decisions of surrender and sometimes we come to the door and we think it’s a dead end. But when we take the step, insert the key, and unlock the door, by giving our desires to God, the most beautiful thing happens. The door opens up and we find ourselves on new ground with our Lord and Savior. He fills our hearts with a new love and closeness to Him and gives us the strength we need to keep on following Him.

We find ourselves one door closer to our dear Savior’s arms.

I pray that on my journey, each time I reach a new door I’ll be able to take the step of surrender and choose to follow Jesus through it because I know that there will be deeper joy on the other side. And I hope that this idea can help you too as you keep on following Jesus through your doors and grow closer to him in your walk.
So let this be your biggest takeaway from this post, each door and act of surrender we walk through will bring us closer to our dear Savior.  And that is the most beautiful place to be.

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