Get to know me more!

Get to know me more!

Hey all and Happy Fri-yay!

Sydney here!  I want to do something a little different for today’s post on the blog.  I figured it would be fun to share a bit more about me with you all!  So today, here are five, fun and completely random facts about me!

Five Facts About Me!

1. I work part-time at a Rock climbing gym as a climbing instructor for after-school clubs.  I got into climbing a couple of years ago and being able to teach kids about climbing and lead them in fun games has been such a fun job. I’m so thankful for this opportunity to grow in my skills and love on the little ones in may classes.
2. I have moved over 10 times in my life and I’m still only in my twenties.  The majority of these moves have all been in the state of California. Growing up in the same house and the same neighborhood is an experience I never got to have as a child. I have lived on the east coast and the west coast and who knows where God will take me next.
3. I may have a coffee problem.  I honestly love the idea of coffee and visiting coffee shops a lot more than the actual drink itself.  Although, I’m starting to love and crave coffee more and more and enjoy it blacker and blacker… Coffee shops are my favorite place to chill and work on all my many writing projects.  My go-to drink is always an oat milk latte with a shot of whatever flavor syrup I’m in the mood for. My ideal coffee shops are the small hometown shops that have a strong sense of community and aesthetics.  For a graduation gift I got an expresso matchine so now I am learning how to make all my favorite drinks at home.
4. I consider myself an artist in many ways.  I am very passionate about art, but I never pursued art in school.  I took one art class in college and I really wish I took more.  I’m thankful though to keep art as a side hobby and maybe I’ll pursue it more in the future.  I love all forms of art; painting (preferable watercolor), calligraphy, photography, creative writing (that counts as an art, right?).  Creating watercolor portraits is one of my favorite ways to relax and unwind.
5. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love studying the Bible!  Ever since I can remember, reading the Bible has been one of my favorite things to do.  I love having slow mornings in the word of God and reading through a book in the Bible chapter by chapter.  I will read commentaries on sections I don’t understand and fill my bible up with sticky notes (I write on sticky notes because I don’t have enough room in the margins of my Bible). This year I am going to be leading a Bible study for the first time and I will get to share my love for studying the Bible with others!  I am excited and a little bit nervous about it, but I know God called me to this role and I’m so excited to follow him in this new step!

And there you go!  But I didn’t mention the most important fact you need to know about me;  It’s that I love Jesus with all my heart and I simply want to follow Him with my life.  I pray that all of my writing here on this blog will be a reflection of the love I have for Him and will encourage you in your walk.
That’s enough about me. Now it’s your turn!  Share some fun facts about yourselves in the comments 😉