A Loving God

Do you want to know something?  You are loved so, so, so much by such an amazing God!  Do you want to know how I know?  Let me tell you.
I want to share with you all an experience I had this past summer.  God made it clear to me in such sweet ways how much He cared for me. 
During the summer I  worked at an outdoor adventure camp. After one of the many long days of serving,  was feeling really down. I sat down and I couldn’t hide the feelings anymore. I let the tears fall down. There was just a lot of things inside of me that I had kept in that day.
I remember having this overwhelming sense of needing to feel loved but I didn’t know what to do. Then an idea popped into my head! I took my Bible and found a quiet place to read. In a very raw and scratchy voice (my voice is always a bit scratchy after crying), I said “God, I just need you to comfort me and bring me the right passage from your word that will comfort me.” I then randomly opened up my Bible to chapter 3 in Ecclesiastes. And my heart just about burst.
This was the chapter where it talks about there being a time for everything. My eyes fixated on the parts of the passage that said “there is a time for mourning, a time for healing, a time to weep, a time for lose, a time to break down.” All these things reminded me that it’s okay to have hard days. That just like there is a time to be happy and joyful and a time to love, there is also a time for healing and all the painful emotions we must walkthrough. I kept on reading until verse 11 where it says “He has made everything beautiful in His time.” I prayed and thanked God for this beautiful reminder from His word that he is working in my life and I read that passage out loud over and over again until I felt better.
I knew at that moment that God loves me so much because I was broken, I came to Him in my hurt and simply asked Him to give me what I needed. I wasn’t expecting anything big. Maybe just a Psalm that I could relate to. But my heart was so overwhelmed because God heard me and he cared for me in my time of hurting. He gave me what I needed and it encouraged my heart so much.
And there is more to this little story from my summer! God is just so good, you guys. That same night, after I began to feel better I went to the campfire program that the group we were serving had. One of the leaders shared a short message that night. In his message, he shared about a hard experience he witnessed and the peace of God. The main point in his message was that in life we will face hard times but throughout each hard time we go through God is able to give us peace and joy. The fact that he said peace and joy was just amazing. You know why?! Because every single day when I pray, I have been specifically asking for peace and joy in my life. I haven’t been praying for just peace, but peace and joy. The fact that he paired both those things together and shared how they can be ours during hard times really touched my heart. I knew without a doubt God was looking down on me and covering me in His love that night. 

Even now, as we near the end of the year, when I think back on that night, I’m just in awe at how God came through and gave me what I needed.  It will always be one of my sweetest summer memories, because of how near and loved and felt by God that night.
I hope and pray this little story from my summer reminds you that you are so very loved! What an amazing God we have that he cares for us so tenderly! It’s the little moments when we are at our end, when our darkest hurts feel so real, that God comes through and gives us just what we need to keep going.
“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.” 1 John 3:1
God loves you so much and He will let you know!  He will find ways to lavish his love on you.  And oftentimes, it’s in the little details.  The right verse read at the right time. The loving and encouraging words of a friend.  A smile, or warm embrace.  God uses all of these to show us and remind us that He cares and He is looking out for us. God has great plans for you and even when the days are hard, He is with us.  We just need to take the time to notice. 

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