A Year in Review

Happy 2022 everyone!  Can you believe it’s another year!
What happened to the time!  Where did it all go!  I can’t believe we are here again at the start of a new year. To be honest with you all, I wish I could tell you that I am confidently going into this new year with purpose and direction.  But this is not the case for me.  I really don’t have any clear ideas or directions for this year.  I’ve been struggling with feeling directionless and unsure as we start this new year. But I’ve also been learning that God is faithful.  God has shown me that even when we don’t have direction, He is with us still and leading us.  Seasons of uncertainty are still seasons of growth.
“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6
Today, I decided that rather than share my resolutions and plans for this new year (which are pretty much nonexistent),  it will be fun to look back on the year that is past and some of my favorite highlights. So here we go!
Arizona Trip and Moving  to Redding California
The start of 2021 was not mild in the least.  The year began with a very hard trial and in time I hope to be able to share it with you all but for now, just know that it’s been a long healing journey that I’ve been on that started at the beginning of 2021.  But it was during this rough time that I visited my Grandparents for a few days in Arizona. The time I spent with my grandparents was very sweet and special and very therapeutic for my heart.  Then I flew back just in time to move to Redding California with my Family.

Many Outdoor Adventures and New Coffee Shops
2021 was filled to the brim with so many new adventures.  Since I moved to a new town most of my days were filled with exploring all the new coffee shops and hikes in the area.  Hiking to waterfalls, cross country skiing, and even a polar plunge into an icy cold river filled up my days.  Out of all the outdoor explorations, visiting Burney falls, Castle Crags and Backpacking in the Trinity Alps were by far the highlights.

Rafting at Rock-N-Water and More
Rock-N-Water is a Christian outdoor adventure/rafting camp that I have worked at for over seven years. I found out in 2021 that distance cannot keep me away from this camp.  I drove down over five times during the spring and summer to take groups rafting, rock climbing, canyoneering, and even a little bit of living history.  But the sweetest part of this camp is always getting to share the love and Jesus with others and living with all the staff who are like my second family.



Florida Trip and Epcot Center
Probably the biggest event this year and the highlight of my summer was flying all the way to Florida to visit my sister.  Sadly I could only fit a short visit into my busy schedule, but we packed our time full of so much fun.  We drove down to Orlando and visited the Epcot Center at Disney World for the first time.  We ate more food in a day than I thought humanly possible and also stopped a few times to see the Atlantic ocean and St. Augustine.  This trip was such a sweet trip that I’ll treasure forever.

Joni and Freinds Family Camp in Oregon
In August I drove up to Oregon with a few new friends from my church to volunteer one week at a Joni and Freinds camp.  If you want to learn more about my experience serving at this camp I wrote a post about it here – Joni and friends post.  During my week at the camp I had such an amazing time serving alongside other Christians.  Christ’s love was displayed in such a beautiful and humble way as we learned to put the needs of others before ours and serve those who are affected with disabilities.

Another Trip to Oregon
In September I headed up to Sun River Oregon with my family for one last little vacation.  We enjoyed biking on trails, hiking to a beautiful waterfall in Bend, and paddle boarding on a beautiful lake near Mt. Bachelor.  On the drive home we stopped at Crater lake to go on a beautiful hike that gave us a panoramic view of crater Lake.

Family Christmas and Light Show
Before long Christmas time was here agian.  My Florida siblings moved back home and we visited a really impressive light display that was in our own town.  The light show was a fun experience but the icing on top was all of the sweet family time and memories that were being made and cherished during the holiday season.  My sister and I traveled to Sacramento for a short time to visit old friends and then came home for a sweet and simple family Christmas (including our own little gingerbread house decorating contest).

Snowshoeing on New Years Eve
Last, but not least, on the last day of 2021 we drove up to see the snow!  For my birthday I got a pair of snowshoes that I’ve been dying to try out.  I’ve never snowshoes before so we headed up to the snow at Lassen National Park, and snowshoed around a snow-covered lake.  This is the best way to end out the year if you ask me.


And there you go.  These are just a few of the many highlights that 2021 brought.  And I almost forgot to mention that 2021 also brought this blog and I’m excited to see where God continues to take it in the New Year.
What was one of your favorite highlights from 2021? Let me know in the comments!

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